Newbie   $10   10th - 17th December, 2013
  Trainee   TLC free talk mobile / $25   10th - 21st December, 2013
  Senior Trainee   Microwave / $90   10th - 31st December, 2013
  Manager   Water Dispenser / $150   10th - 31st December, 2013
  General Manager   A laptop + Refrigerator   10th - 31st December, 2013
  Director   Refrigerator + $1000   10th - 31st December, 2013
  Executive Director   A trip to Dubai + $2000   10th - 31st December, 2013
  Professional   $7000   10th December, 2013 - 28th Feb, 2014
  Expert   $10000   10th December, 2013 - 28th Feb, 2014
  Diplomat   $15000   10th December, 2013 - 28th Feb, 2014
  Ambassador   $20000   10th December, 2013 - 28th Feb, 2014

Optional promo on Director’s board has been extended to 31st Jan 2014. Wishing you a Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year.

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